Monday, September 29, 2008

Gigi's Disney Princess 4th Birthday Bash

Our Disney Princess Party was a fantastic success this past weekend - all the kids had a ball and looked gorgeous in their little prince and princess costumes. Though exhausted and still suffering the end effects of the flu, I got through all the games and entertainment as planned, managed to get the cake iced and decorated with time to spare and despite a slight wardrobe malfunction and fish tank emergency in the hour before the party, we made it on time as the first guests walked in the door. This is just a quick update to let everyone know how things went and I will be posting all the final party details over the next few days. Overall, Gigi had a wonderful time with her friends - doesn't she make a lovely little mermaid - and Lulu floated from plate to plate scavenging all the food she could get her hands on - which is nothing unusual ha ha. She also had a slight tanty in the morning whilst getting changed - notice in the photo her fancy footwear - despite the beautiful sandals mummy had bought with her Tinkerbell costume, it was Crocs all the way! Aunty Carla cut a lovely figure as the glamorous Belle and me, well, I stopped short of cutting my hair into a bob but I think I pulled off Snow White - what do you think?

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