Friday, October 31, 2008

4 Little Ducks for 2 Little Princesses called Gigi & Lulu...

Besides the fact that I just love gingham check on baby gear, 4 Little Ducks has a delightful range of girls & boys fashion & accessories - too many in fact to choose from. Both Gigi & Lulu have worn items from 4 Little Ducks - I first found Melissa's range at the Hills Craft Market in Castle Hill & later at the Mosman Village Art & Craft Market. I was very excited when I came across the website for 4 Little Ducks and have seen the new items added to the collection. Based in Sydney, they will also ship to international locations. Lulu had the gorgeous applique heart gift set shown above and also a matching sleeping bag with the functional seat belt split - perfect for winter nights on the way home from Nonna & Nonno's house. I haven't yet shown Gigi the butterfly t-shirt - I know when she sees it she will want 10 of them!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

CanTeen - National Bandanna Day - October 31

CanTeen is the Australian national support organization for young people, 12-24 years of age, who are living with cancer. It is a wonderful charity giving so much encouragement and support to young people who are already dealing with the pressures of just being a teenager, let alone the diagnosis of cancer, both personally or that of a close family member. Today is National Bandanna Day - a day where you can show your support for this fantastic organization by purchasing a signature bandanna. Click here to see where you can purchase a CanTeen bandanna - which can be worn any way you like - see the picture above for some alternative ways to wear a bandanna. There is a beautiful section on the CanTeen website called Inspirational Stuff where you will find some moving poems written by some of CanTeen's young people (click through to the Creative Corner section). Please buy yourself a bandanna today to support this inspirational charity

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Happy Birthday Nonna - with love from Gigi & Lulu

Happy Birthday Nonna! We hope you have a lovely day!
With lots & lots of love & kisses & hugs from Gigi & Lulu x x x
This photo is from Lucia's christening in 2007 - Gigi is wearing a handmade smocked dress, Esprit crossover cardigan and black patent leather Clarks shoes. Lulu is wearing a cream knitted christening gown - made by her Nonna pictured here and worn by me when I was a baby. The antique lace bib and bonnet was fashioned from lace given to me by my beloved Nonna who passed away after a long illness just 17hrs after Gigi was born x x x

Butterflies are beautiful - just ask Ava Phillippe

All little girls love butterflies and pretty little Ava Phillippe is no exception. Out and about in LA with dad, actor Ryan Phillippe, Ava is wearing a 3/4 sleeve scoop neck tee from Old Navy in their white butterfly print (it also comes in blue). Gigi has an Old Navy soft denim mini skirt that Aunty Rach sent her for her birthday from the US last year and the quality of the denim is fantastic. She still wore it this winter with pretty pink leggings but it has now gone over into Lulu's wardrobe for a run next winter

Happy Halloween from Celebrate Express

Halloween is not celebrated in Australia with as much enthusiasm as in the United States but had we the need for trick or treat costumes, I have found these beautiful little buzzy bee & ladybug tutus from US based online party shop, Celebrate Express, that have Gigi salivating at the mouth. With coordinating wings, headband, wands and shoes, and with the cost of shipping from the US quite reasonable, these gorgeous little costumes are unique and different. Now if only the Aussie dollar would stop its slide and get back up there again - it's making online shopping from US boutiques that little more costly at the moment. Either way, we still love these little outfits..

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Il Tutto - the Baby Bag that literally has "Everything"

Everyone who knows me knows I am a sucker for anything in red so when I came across this gorgeous baby bag from Il Tutto, (meaning "everything" in Italian) I had to add it to my wish list. Also available in black & cream, the "Mia" tote is the brainchild of local designer Lucie Trinco, and I recommend you check out her website for all the other beautiful styles of baby bags. Having said that, I do really love this style, also a favourite of Australian actress & Oscar winner Cate Blanchett. Naomi Watts & Sarah Murdoch also own an Il Tutto baby bag. There are so many boring baby bags on the market - you know the ones - navy blue with tartan check lining, PVC outer, lots of silly shaped pockets and long straps etc that seem "practical" yet SCREAM "BLAH". My very first baby bag was a groovy gorgeous striped shoulder bag, hand made by my best friend, which I adored. Since then, and another baby later, I have lost count of the amount of bags that have come and gone. You could call me the Imelda Marcos of baby bags. As Gigi & Lulu got bigger and I needed to tote more stuff around with me (including their little handbags that must go everywhere with us!), I tend to prefer either trendy, expensive baby bags or just really cool over sized tote bags, similar in style and shape to the "Mia" Il Tutto bag. Right now I am working a gorgeous leather Gucci bag but I think I might be in the mood for a splash of red...

Tori & Stella come up Trumps when it comes to funky footwear

Another celebrity fan of the Trumpette Pixie socks, actress Tori Spelling took baby Stella to the Malibu Country Mart Playground over the weekend. Along for the ride were the boys in Stella's life - daddy Dean McDermott and big brothers Jack & Liam.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Elegant gift for new baby girl from Tiffany & Co.

As I stood at the counter at Tiffany & Co. in Manhattan last year, I immediately fell in love with the sterling silver Barbell baby rattle. There is something somewhat magical about just being in the beautiful store on 5th Avenue - my gorgeous husband had just bought me a bracelet for my birthday, which was on that actual day we were there, and you couldn't help but feel a little like Audrey Hepburn..
If you were to receive this as a baby shower present, or as a gift for the birth of a new baby, I can guarantee you would feel that same hint of enchantment, starting from the mere sight of the signature blue box wrapped in white satin ribbon...
You can view this gorgeous rattle online at Tiffany & Co. or go in store and feel the magic...

Saturday, October 25, 2008

A Juicy playdate in Central Park for Suri

It's amazing how much a difference a haircut can make - doesn't little Suri look so cute with her bangs? Spending some quality time with her very busy mummy, Katie Holmes, in Central Park on Thursday, in a lovely little sundress from Juicy Couture - another one from her vast collection. The Polka Dot Voile Dress is on sale for US customers through the Bloomingdales website but for our Australian friends, try the Juicy Couture online store as they have international shipping

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Cute cardi from Jean Bourget & Trendy Togs

How lovely is this little cardi? From French designer Jean Bourget, wear it on its own for spring/summer, fabulous with any little sundress or skirt and then as it gets cooler in autumn it comes with detachable arm warmers. Perfect compliment for the Christmas dress of our little Aussie princesses. Available from US online boutique, Trendy Togs

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

More Funky Footwear from pediped

At the Calabasas Pumpkin Festival over the weekend, gorgeous little Ever Gabo, who turns 1 on November 3, was stepping out in style (no pun intended) with actress mummy, Milla Jovovich. She is wearing another funky little pair of shoes from the pedipeds originals range - leather mary jane sandals - style name "Olivia". We heart pedipeds..
Source: Product image and logo courtesy of pediped website

Suri gets a hair cut...and how cute does she look ; )

Yay, Suri got her hair cut - doesn't she look sweet with her little bob cut just like mummy! She is wearing the same cute little dress she wore to a park back in August. But aren't you cold, Suri? I was in NYC this time last year and all four of us were in three layers when we set foot outside our apartment. If I was Suri's stylist, I have two suggestions...the Bonpoint Bellissimo Brown Coat and the Burberry Fringe Poncho & Check Rain Coat...divine!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Pink Ribbon Day for Breast Cancer Foundation

October is Breast Cancer Month and Monday 27th October is Pink Ribbon Day, signature day of the National Breast Cancer Foundation. A day to raise funds for the ongoing research into a cure for breast cancer, along with the celebration of the wonderful achievements to date in this quest. You can contribute in many ways including participating in the Dove Pink Star Walk on Saturday 25th October, hosting a Pink Ribbon Breakfast or simply buy an actual pink ribbon or related merchandise from participating retailers. The statistics state that one in eight Australian women will be diagnosed with breast cancer before the age of 85. When you speak to your friends, you will usually always find that they will have known or know someone who has had breast cancer, myself included, so this is a wonderful charity to support.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Another gorgeous red dress - Janie & Jack - but what about a hair cut Suri?

My girls just love going out for ice cream with their daddy. So too, does little Suri who was spotted with her superstar daddy Tom Cruise in the East Village NYC on Saturday at Sunday's & Cones. Suri is wearing another pretty Janie & Jack dress from last season. We found a similar one we like from their current Uptown Holiday Collection. I am all for quality time with daddy but Tom, maybe take Suri for a fringe cut (or for our US readers, a trim to her bangs)? Too pretty a little face to hide behind : )

pediped Baby Shoes - Funky Little Feet

If you are looking for some pretty little shoes for your baby princess, check out these silver pediped Mary Janes, as seen on "baby Borat", cute little Olive Cohen, daughter of comedian Sacha Baron Cohen & Aussie actress Isla Fisher. Seen here in a Bonpoint outfit, little Olive celebrated her 1st birthday on Sunday, 19th October - happy birthday gorgeous girl!
Source: Product image and logo courtesy of pediped website

Best Dressed - Suri vs Violet

We showed you Suri in her cute striped Juicy Couture dress on Friday but another of our favourite little celeb princesses rocked the same dress this past weekend. Cute little dimpled Violet Affleck, daughter of actor Ben & wife Jennifer Garner, wore hers with pink leggings and Superga Torino sneakers in navy on a trip with mummy to the Treehouse Social Club in Beverly Hills on Friday. Who do you think looks the cutest? We think they are both adorable

Friday, October 17, 2008

Cute Slogan Tees from Sway & Cake

I have previously blogged about Lulu's slogan onesie that reads "nobody puts baby in a corner". Everyone knows I LURVE slogan tees. My kids also had slogan bibs that said "50% Mummy, 50% Daddy, 100% Cute" and "Party my Crib, 3am, BYOB Bottle". There are too many cute examples out there to list here. Little Ava Phillippe, 9 year old daughter of actors Ryan Phillippe & Reece Witherspoon, stepped out in this cute Little Celebrity Tee, available to order from online boutique Sway & Cake.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Matching Hermes Shopping you do..

Next time I am walking out of Coles, and Gigi helps me with my bright green shopping bags I'll spare a thought for poor little Suri who got stuck with a bright orange bag whilst shopping in New York last week, Madison Avenue no less, with mummy Katie Holmes. Oh.... hang on a minute....sorry... what's that?...its an Hermes shopping bag... oh, well that makes a world of difference. Our fave little fashion plate looked the part in her trendy little Juicy Couture Navy Striped Dress & her favourite Bonpoint shoes. The dress is now available from hip online kids boutique Izzy & Ash

He's here - Elmo Live!

If you haven't seen the original Tickle Me Elmo, then you are missing out on a really good belly laugh. If you have had the pleasure of this fun experience then you will love the new, improved Elmo Live doll, released today in Australia. Check out this You Tube clip that shows Elmo Live at the New York Toy Fair earlier this year. Gigi & Lulu just LOVE their Tickle Me Elmo so it looks like Santa may need to add Elmo Live to his list for Christmas. And not just for the girls - for mummy and daddy too! In the meantime, he is available at Toys R Us & Target if you can't wait that long.
Source: Elmo logos & images courtesy of Sesame Workshop

Monday, October 13, 2008

Sapphire Secrets - Step into a fantasy world...

While researching some costumes for a dancing concert for a friend, I have come across a delightful website that makes fairy dresses, wings, wands etc as well as tutus and fairy shoes.
Sapphire Secrets make lovely handmade dresses for your little princess so if you are looking for a costume for a party, dancing school concert or just for the dress up box, let your little girl's imagination run wild. They also make children's clothing, shoes, toys & accessories and you may even find something for mum as well.

National Babies Day - Friday, October 17

The Bonnie Babes Foundation presents National Babies Day this Friday, October 17. Make sure you head in to your local Target store to purchase some of the National Babies Day merchandise, with all proceeds going towards the purchase of medical equipment for special wards for premmy babies nationwide. The Bonnie Babes Foundation is a wonderful organisation which provides counseling for families who have a lost a child to stillbirth, miscarriage or prematurity. This charity is particularly close to my heart as it assisted my cousin in coping with the loss of her stillborn baby girl. If you or someone you know would like to contact the organisation, please go to their website for details

A hop, skip & a jump with Juicy little Suri

Gorgeous little Suri, looking more like her daddy everyday, enjoyed a day out with mummy Katie Holmes last week in New York. With piggy tails to boot, she was as cute as ever, skipping along in her gold Bonpoint ballerina flat shoes and her Juicy Couture tiered dress.
Source: Photos courtesy of Just Jared

Friday, October 10, 2008

Happy Birthday Nonno!

Happy Birthday Nonno! Hope you have had a lovely day!
With lots & lots of love & kisses & hugs from Gigi & Lulu x x x
PS: The first photo is current Lulu and the second photo is vintage Gigi - see how much alike they are : )

It's a Girl!.....and It's a Girl!

According to Star Magazine, USA, Lisa Marie Presley yesterday gave birth to as yet unnamed twin girls in California. Two little princesses - the King would have been so proud. I hate to sound like a corny Vegas Elvis-impersonator wedding minister, and I apologise in advance, but I couldn't resist - I guess we won't be sending any "Blue Suede Shoes" anytime soon however I am sure the little princesses would love a "Teddy Bear"....I know, don't quit your day job!

UPDATE: the twins each have a here to find out what they are

Parenting Australia Expo, Homebush

I have just come back from the Parenting Expo at Homebush and though I gushed about it in an earlier post, I am sorry to say I was a little disappointed. It was alot smaller and quieter then the last expo and to be honest, alot of the exhibits were more tailored to new parents. From an advertising point of view, they could have done with more advertising out the front of the pavilion to increase traffic into their event - there were alot of families around for the school holiday activities and the park was full just at the end of the boulevard, plus a bead & jewellery expo was running just down the way so it is a shame they didn't take advantage of that. Sorry, but having a background in marketing, I just can't help myself. I did however come across a new online boutique called Metro Mum, which has lots of unique products in their online store. They also have a rewards points system if you join their club - well worth a look. Having said all that, I am still a fan of Parenting Australia - click here to visit their website.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

The answer to my question..will we see Suri in Crocs?

OK, so Suri Cruise was the first toddler to have her own Armani private collection of baby garments but now it appears she can add Roger Vivier shoes to it as well. Stepping out, no pun intended, with mum Katie Holmes in New York this week, you can clearly see the "RV" heel etching, the red patent ballerina flats with buckle an exact replica of a pair of the iconic Pilgrim pumps her mummy has in her own shoe collection. And I must also make mention of mummy's Vivier sunglasses and handbag in the photograph as well - to die for! It helps to have friends in the industry - Bruno Frisoni, the creative director of Roger Vivier is apparently a pal of Tom & Katie - however the luxury label says there are no plans for a children's spin off in the future - unfortunately for us, this pair is a one-off. Lucky for little Suri, to have such gorgeous shoes. I showed Gigi the photo and though she agreed that they are pretty shoes, she told me she loves her purple ballerina flats much better. As for Lulu, well we all know which shoes she would prefer...yeah, the pair that rhymes with "socks", that we will probably never see Suri in.....ever..

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Three Little Trees

I love it when I come across a label that is both beautiful & charitable at the same time. Then to find one that combines my favourite flower in the world - the frangipani - well, now you really have my attention. Three Little Trees have a lovely range of baby & toddler wear but the wonderful part about them is their little gift with purchase - "native frangipani" tree seeds attached to each garment to encourage your little cherubs to plant them and nurture them, which gives children a great appreciation of nature in the process. Added to this, Three Little Trees donates a portion of their sales to Bush Heritage Australia, a fantastic charity which seeks to protect native plants and animals in their natural habitat.

Parenting Australia Expo - Oct 10-12 in Sydney

If you are looking for something to do this weekend, I would recommend the Parenting Australia Expo at Sydney Olympic Park, Homebush. I have been to this expo for the past few years and found it to be worth the trip. There are lots and lots of stalls of useful information for new parents and great entertainment for the kids as well. Several stall holders run special promotional prices on their products, available only to visitors of the Expo, so you may even grab a bargain in these tight economic times. I always stock up on discounted Curash Baby Wipes from the times I have been to this Expo. It will be open from 10am - 4pm, this Friday 10th October through to Sunday 12th October, admission is $15, kids free, however you can get a free ticket through their website.

Like Father, Like Daughter...but is this going a little bit too far?

I am all for little girls looking up to their daddy's - I know, because I have two little mini-me daddy wannabes in my household - but is this going a little bit too far? Pictured above is 90210 star Jennie Garth and actor hubby Peter Facinelli with their 3 gorgeous daughters - Luca Bella, Lola Ray and Fiona Eve. Beautiful family photos but check out the footwear...matching Crocs, matching runners....just saying....

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Jolie-Pitt sisters - Shiloh rocks her green Crocs!

Shiloh & Zahara, where have you been hiding? You are both getting so big now. And cute. Both were seen out & about over the weekend in New Orleans with mummy Angelina Jolie & big brother Pax (out of shot). For someone who has said in the media recently that she is suffering from a lack of sleep, Angelina still manages to look great. Shiloh wears the Crocs Kids Cayman shoe in Lime. Once again, a celebrity endorsement for the good ol' Crocs kids footwear. I must admit, they are growing on me - with Lulu having hers on day & night (she would even wear them to bed if we let her!) - I have little choice but to like them. But will we ever see Suri in a pair?

Monday, October 6, 2008

Helena & Harry IV - I am a sucker for a cute red dress

I love anything red for little girls - you get sick of pink occasionally and red always makes an impression! Our favourite little celebrity toddler, Suri Cruise, went out with mum & dad for dinner on Saturday night in New York in this gorgeous frock from Helena & Harry IV, available online through US department store Neiman Marcus. She also rocked her silver Bonpoint ballerina flats and we love the pigtails - very cute.

The Teddy Bears Picnic - Oct 19 - Rosehill Gardens

If you are looking for a fun day out with the kids in Sydney, support the Children's Hospital at Westmead on October 19 by heading to Rosehill Gardens for the annual Teddy Bear's Picnic. Tickets are only $15 or $50 for a family of 4 (some transaction fees may apply) and are available through Ticketmaster. There will be so many great things to see and do from fun rides, face painting, jumping castles, art tables and a free concert by some of the kids favourite characters, including the Saturday Disney team. There will be a host of celebrities there signing autographs and lots of merchandise & showbags for the kids. A few years ago I volunteered for a little while at Radio Bedrock, which is the kids radio station in the Children's Hospital at Westmead and my time there was very rewarding. It was the first time I had seen what goes on behind the scenes in helping our sick children. Years later I had first hand experience at the hospital when Gigi was hospitalised there as a baby and it makes you realise how lucky we are to have such great medical facilities available to us. All the staff at the Children's Hospital do such a wonderful job so if you have nothing planned on that date, take the kids out for the day, all the while supporting this fantastic place.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Kate Mack Swimwear @ A Childs Closet

Gigi just adores her new Kate Mack pink tutu swimming costume and with so many gorgeous designs and accessories to chose from, Kate Mack really has a great selection of children's swimwear designs. You can find these and many more styles at awesome online baby boutique A Child's Closet. The tutu swimming costume is actually too pretty to use in the water - as you can see, Gigi just loves to dance around in hers.

Bonbon Cupcakes Leggings - Perfect for Gigi

What a great idea! During our winter months I would have a daily struggle with Gigi about what to wear. Being the girlie girl that she is, of course her first choice was ALWAYS a dress so when I tried to reason with her that it was too cold, and that she had to wear pants, she didn't want to know about it. The solution - leggings under her skirts and dresses. I came across Bonbon Cupcakes Leggings, with their cute trims and rhinestones, and I think they are much prettier than the boring old block coloured leggings we roll out each day. There is alot to be said about "tszujng" up an outfit with a bit of bling..

Luli & Me by Maria Casero for the Cruise family night out at Alice's Tea Cup

Another day, ANOTHER pretty dress...Gigi would love to spend an hour in Suri's wardrobe...This pretty little white dress with faint blue dots and gorgeous blue sash is from Luli & Me by Maria Casero - as featured at the Best Dressed Child website. Suri with mum & dad Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes, had just been to groovy New York tea room, Alice's Tea Cup. A Lewis Carroll fan myself, I wish I had known about this place when I visited New York last year - it looks like a really fun place to go to if you live in Manhattan.

Janie & Jack - Suri is a fan

Another day, another pretty dress. I love smocked dresses - some say it's a little old fashioned but a little girl will always look adorable in a stylish party frock. When I found this picture of little Suri Cruise through one of my fave baby blogs - Baby Chic 101 - and went to the website for Janie & Jack - the label from which this dress is from - I found a treasure trove of gorgeous fashion & accessories for little girls (and boys too). Though this particular dress is from last year's collection, they have some beautiful red & white outfits as part of their current Christmas collection - I especially LOVE the red rosette patent leather shoes.

Zoe & Sprout - Cute, Organic Babywear

I am a sucker for logo tees or onesies - Lulu had one that said "Nobody puts Baby in a Corner", which the Dirty Dancing fans out there will appreciate, and Gigi had a shirt that said "If you think I'm yummy, you should see my mummy". It was Aunty Lala who started it all - she got Gigi a baby beach top that read "one day I want to be a beach babe like my aunty" - corny, but cute. Having said that, I always appreciate a product that is all about protecting our environment and/or our kids skin, as well as a company who gives back. When I came across this cute logo onesie from the US - from funky kids label Zoe & Sprout - I had a look at their website and it is full of gorgeous kids & baby clothing. This particular onesie is part of their organics range, which is all about protecting the environment and in their words, their commitment to "limiting the size of the footprint we leave on the Earth". Not only that, Zoe & Sprout donate 3% of their annual profits to charity every year. I admire a company who thinks towards the future for our children, so I recommend you check out their website - I am a new fan!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

How much is too much sugar?

Take a look at this photo of my little munchkin helping me make Gigi's birthday cake.. white chocolate icing all over her cute little face. I was reading one of my favourite blogs tonight, MamaMia, and I had to laugh reading through Mia's account of a recent cafe trip with her sugar craving, meltdown pending toddler daughter. I laughed because I could relate - just how much is too much sugar? They tell you in the beginning "all you need to give your toddler is milk or water" - try telling that to the child when it has been over to the dark side that is Cottees cordial to spice up the h2O at Nonna & Nonno's house. And the old marshmallow on the side of the babychino trick - gets me every time. I am, however, proud to say that Gigi is 4 and I have never allowed a Coke to cross her lips - but I have buckled recently and let her boring old vanilla occasional milkshake be tinged with pink - strawberry, that is. Bad Mummy. Having said all that, I justify the treats we do give them with the excuse that we make them both clean their teeth twice a day. Good Mummy. We are unfortunately a chocoholic family - there is always a pack of Freddo's in our fridge - and we keep marshmallows and musk sticks in a lolly jar. We do have healthy snacks in the fridge - apple pieces, dried apricots, sultanas etc but they always seem to go for the bad stuff. Lulu is at that age now where she shakes her head at the sultanas I will pull out of the pantry and instead points at the lolly jar as if to say "I'm not silly Mummy". Gigi is partial to what she calls her "Dora" biscuits - she thinks, named for her favourite explorer, but actually a miss-pronounced Adora Cream Wafer. Lulu, well, she will pretty much eat anything you put in front of her. I have also been known to use sweets as bribery (come on, who hasn't?) as there are times where it's all too hard and you end up by giving them something to quell the brewing tantrum. Kids are the master manipulators - they have us pegged on so many levels. As my mum & dad say to me, its all about payback....

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