Saturday, January 15, 2011

Head Over Heels Appeal - For the children and families of flood affected Queensland

Inspired by a story on the Today Show this morning of a family of six children whose new school shoes were lost in the floods in Queensland, the Head over Heels Appeal was born. Most families get their children new school shoes at the start of the school year and I sent out an appeal for my group of school mums to see if they had their children's old school shoes available to be donated to this family and also to others in this particular town that was in the Today Show story. I went on to include school supplies in my appeal so that the kids would have new supplies to start the year. I also emailed our school principal, the Today Show, rang in some favours from some local newspaper contacts and sent out a few tweets to the lovely reporter who broke the story and what started as a little appeal for shoes has grown to include clothing, toys, manchester and first aid equipment, all of which my friends and their friends have so far offered up for donation. My husband and his mate had planned on taking an overnight road trip in his ute and trailer direct to this town so that the goods went straight to the family mentioned in the story and I am now looking at some bus options as the response has been overwhelming.
I am blown away by the generosity of my friends and their friends and I hope that we can now get alot more things to take to put smiles on the faces of these families again. The plan is to wait until the first week of February to head up north, as we would like to allow time for more donations to come in and also to give the families some space to clean up first, as this is their number one priority. If you live in Sydney, Australia, and would like to donate some old school shoes or school supplies, please email me for details : )

Mimi's First Christmas

Merry Mimi's First Christmas! & Happy New Year

Mimi is wearing a vintage red polka dot baby dress worn by Lulu in 2007 and prior to that Mummy in 1971! My mum took wonderful care of it and I am so lucky two of my little princesses got to wear it after I did. Her little booties are also vintage - the ones I wore at my baptism, also in 1971 : )

More Sugar & Spice! Its a GIRL! I have a princess trifecta!

Introducing Mimi! Born on 22 July, 2010! I have my little princess trifecta - Gigi + Lulu + Mimi

Without going into too much detail, I ended up having to have a caesarian (after two natural births) and boy oh boy, was that a shock to the system! A whole new world of firsts for this third time mum! Had a few feeding issues to start (no one told me that milk flow is a bit slower with caesarian births) and of course I wasn't up and at 'em as fast as I was the other two. Coupled with a hubby who was banned from the nursery for 2 days as he had a stomach virus, a concerned & emotional 5 year old and a robust 3 year old it was a hard ol' slog in hospital this time around. Once I was home, I felt much better - nothing like your own environment to relax and bond with baby.

Mimi is settling well - a very happy baby - but a night owl like mum - and yet to sleep through. She started off taking an occasional bottle (I am breastfeeding) however one day decided it wasn't for her. With solids starting, I am hoping a full belly will help with the waking in the night issue and I am going straight to a cup, having tried numerous teets, different bottles and trying & changing brands of formula when she didn't want expressed breast milk out of a bottle. This proved challenging for hubby when I had a night out in November - he ended up using the syringe you get for administering Infant Panadol to feed her 100mls, 2mls at a time! Besides this one night, Mimi & I have basically been inseparable and I think she is a real mummy's girl and just wants me and my booby juice ha ha. I am not complaining, in fact just quietly, I am savouring this baby time as I know she is my last.

My apologies for keeping you all in suspense for so long - three kids is definitely a handful, but I am loving it and though my blogs have been a little neglected, my new years resolution is to try and get back into the swing of things so thanks again for your patience - I have lots of baby fashions & accessories to catch up on and especially with my third little girl, I am searching more and more for all those beautiful things "sugar & spice" x
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