Sunday, August 31, 2008

Little Chipipi Wall Stickers

What a fantastic and very cute idea to brighten up a plain wall in your little princess' room. Little Chipipi is an Australian owned and produced range of removable wall stickers that come in 4 different themes - 2 for boys and 2 for girls. They also sell fridge magnets & greeting cards - why not check out their website for stockists in your state. I am actually thinking the butterfly stickers would look great in my office....

Every Little Princess Needs a Bit of Bling!

I couldn't resist adding this post after I came across this necklace a while ago - what a perfect present for that little Princess in your life..available from Sassi Sam Australia

Isoki Vintage Style Slippers

While in the market for one of their cool, reversible nappy bags (that is for another post, another day), I met the Isoki girls at a baby expo last year and noticed they had these little slippers for sale. They are so cute and soft, and come beautifully presented in a little drawstring bag. A very sweet gift for any little girl who loves to wear slippers like mummy - just as my two do
Source: Isoki Mary Jane "Sienna" Soft Pink Acrylic

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Princess Mary & PETA Protests over Mink Vest

We all know Crown Princess Mary of Denmark is loved equally in both Australia & her new homeland but PETA (People For the Ethical Treatment of Animals) is not sharing the love. In Hobart last week, Princess Mary stepped out with her gorgeous little daughter, 16 month old Princess Isabella, the tiny princess wearing a custom made, mink vest from Danish fashion house Heart Made. As expected PETA was not impressed and had a few choice words to say on the issue. What do you think? Was this bad judgement on Princess Mary's part? Is it fair to target a toddler who is none the wiser? If you didn't know it was made of real fur, it is actually a really cute little vest.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Hawkins Photography - Simply Beautiful

When you become parents you are forever taking photos of your kids but there is alot to be said about having some professional shots taken. It is always a dilemma to find a good photographer, one who gives you what you pay for as well as provides a great experience on the day. After all, if the kids are relaxed, then you will get some great images. The above photograph of my gorgeous girls speaks for itself. We chose Hawkins Photography because we liked the images on their website & wanted more casual, outdoor shots as apposed to studio portraits. We had a lovely morning on the beach in Sydney & this is just one of many photographs we had to choose from. A father himself, Lyndon had a lovely rapport with the kids and they had a lot of fun which came through in all the shots. I can safely say we are very happy customers. Christmas is just around the corner so if you are looking for a great present for the grandparents, contact Hawkins Photography through their website.

Angelina in Eileen West

If you are a nightie girl like me, you would have loved the beautiful EileenWest nightgown Angelina wore in the exclusive first pics of her and Brad Pitt's gorgeous twins, Knox Leon & Vivienne Marcheline. Why slob around in oversize pyjama tops and clown pants when you can wear lovely lacy night gowns that make you feel like a movie star when actually you are feeling sleep deprived and looking like a jersey cow! Who knows, you can always dream that you too will wake up next to Brad Pitt (just kidding, to my gorgeous hubby). Of course it is also wishful thinking for him that wearing the same nightie will have him wake up to Angelina...ha ha : )
Cover Photo from People Magazine courtesy of their website

Trunki - Travelling with Kids made fun

Even been on an aeroplane with a toddler on a long haul flight? Sydney to LA then New York is about as far as it gets. You wonder what to take to keep them occupied on the plane, what and how many snacks and fave toys will do the trick, and then wonder how you are going to carry it all, plus the nappy bag, your carry-on bag, not to mention another infant and then eventually the toddler themself as they decide they don't want to walk any further just as you receive a last call to board the flight that is miles away in an adjoining terminal. Phew, it is exhausting thinking about it and enough to turn you off the experience. Enter Trunki. The perfect carry-on bag for children that is big enough to hold said toys & snacks not to mention the best feature - the fact it turns into a little pull along cart that the toddler can sit on and be pulled along when they get tired. From first hand experience, as you can see in the picture, little Gigi had a ball being pulled along on her Trunki and the fact that is was pink, her favourite colour, was even better. Check out the website for Trunki as they are launching a cute new unisex moo cow pattern that is just adorable. Gigi is also carrying a 2-in-1 Harness Buddy Poodle, available from, which was very handy at Disneyland as it doubles as a back pack to hold a few little things (toddler sunnies and a toy mobile phone in our case) as well as allowing mum or dad to keep a firm hold on their little one when they try to take off.
Photos courtesy of Trunki website - Magmatic Ltd

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Matilda Ledger in her Crocs - Hot or not?

In the past I have questioned whether Crocs shoes are good for little girls' (or, for that matter, boys') feet and have up until recently avoided purchasing them for my two little munchkins. It wasn't until they each received a pair from my parents' recent trip to far north Queensland that I reconsidered my opinion on them. After all, celeb kids like Matilda Ledger & Violet Affleck are fans so they must be ok, right? They are actually quite practical for busy little people - easy to get on and off and they clean up with a damp cloth. I am glad they introduced the Mary Jane style though - the original style do make your little one look like they belong under a big top - although some may argue that this is part of their appeal. What do you think?
Matilda is wearing Crocs Mary Janes in Ruby Red

Suri in Juicy Couture

SOOO loving Suri's style - here she is again in New York this week with dad Tom Cruise in a gorgeous Juicy Couture Cami Dress in Pond Moss

Powerbirth Yoga for Pregnant Women

In the quest to find an alternative to pain medication during labour, following a fast and furious first experience, I was referred by a friend to a Powerbirth Yoga class. With over 15 years experience as a yoga practitioner, Corinne's Powerbirth program was very beneficial to me in terms of relaxation & mind centering techniques and as a result, I had a much better birth experience the second time around, both physically and emotionally. Also, after suffering bad carpal tunnel syndrome and a lack of energy after my first pregnancy, I found the second time around I was much more energetic, flexible and more importantly, ailment free after the birth.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Anne Geddes Baby Bunny

On a family holiday to the US late last year, we were lucky enough to visit the flagship Anne Geddes store in the Disneyland Resort, Anaheim California. Filled with all things baby, the boutique features lots of baby fashion & gift lines with Anne's beautiful signature baby images everywhere you look. We purchased the Baby Bunny, one each for our girls, and they both adore them. Our little one sleeps with hers and it is a great comfort to her with its gentle life-like features and soft velour feel. Everyone who sees them comments and wants to know where they can get one. So look no further - follow the link to the Anne Geddes website and get one for the little one in your life - a great gift idea for a newborn baby or big brother/big sister present as it comes in a cute ornamental egg that can be re-used to hold hair clips or jewellery or any other little things that little girls like to collect. Click here to go to the official Anne Geddes Gift Shop

Copyright to these images belongs to Anne Geddes -

Rock Star Party - Costume Idea with Attitude - Pink!

I couldn't resist sharing this photo of Lulu - if you are looking for an idea for dressing up your toddler for a rock star party, I have a great one for you that is fairly cheap & easy and extremely cute. The look on the face on the other hand is priceless - such attitude! To re-create Pink's look, we used pink hair spray from Toys R Us, the jeans are Pumpkin Patch with a vintage Billabong curb chain with belt loop clip borrowed from mum, the little cropped jacket is from Cotton On Kids and the dog tags are from Diva along with the "Jeans 4 Genes" day fundraising dog tags.
PS: Jeans 4 Genes is a major fundraiser of the Children's Medical Research Institute - a great cause worth investing some spare change in - go to

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Little Pearls for Little Girls

If you are looking for a gorgeous gift for a gorgeous little girl, you can't go past baby bling! I was looking for a unique gift for a christening present when I found this New Zealand based company who specialise in child sized, genuine, cultured freshwater pearl jewellery. Little Pearls for Little Girls are sold online through Little PJ's online nursery boutique and they are so beautiful, I actually bought a bracelet each for my little girls. The attention to detail is exceptional, from the sterling silver filigree clasp, to the lovely organza packaging and pink satin ribbon. Antonia and her team were an absolute pleasure to deal with. The bracelets come in 3 sizings, up to 10 years old, and the necklace in 2 sizings. They would also make a great present for a flowergirl, or as a holy communion gift - little girls love jewellery (I know mine definitely do!) and this kind of gift is a keepsake they can hold onto and pass on to their children one day. Little PJ's have several other nursery items in their boutique, so I would definitely recommend you have a look -

Friday, August 22, 2008

Suri Style!

Suri Cruise, out and about in New York this week with mum Katie in two very cute little sun dresses. Both from Splendid -
I have two little strawberry blondes myself and these colours look great on them.

PS: Love the shoes - the gold ballerina flats from Monsoon (UK)

Welcome to gigi+lulu

Inspired by my gorgeous girls, welcome to the beautiful world of gigi + lulu - with imagery of colourful & bright dragonflys, which represent new light & joy.

In a nutshell, this is a diary of all things sugar & spice!

My passion is to find unique yet beautiful garments, accessories, toys, furnishings, party ideas and gifts, specifically for little girls.

I was brought up a girlie girl and I love to dress my daughters up in pretty outfits. I am always searching online for cute little bits and pieces for my lovely little chicklets and in the quest to find them, uncovered a whole world of delightful and gorgeous things that I couldn't help but share with you all.

I will also be keeping up with the latest clothing trends of celebrities and their baby girls and where possible I will help you find where you too can buy the clothing worn by Suri, Shiloh, Apple and friends. If you see a celeb baby wearing an outfit you just HAVE to have, or playing with a toy, riding in a pram, or want to know where to get any other accessories you find in a magazine celeb baby photo, please drop me a line and I will do my best to source it out for us all to enjoy.

On the other hand, if you have an online store that you think I would love, please feel free to forward me your link and I will be happy to check it out in the name of research. As I mentioned, I just LOVE surfing the web looking for pretty, girlie things and I can't wait to share my findings with you.


"A little girl is a bundle of sweetness, brightness and fun,
the beauty of springtime, the warmth of the sun" - Unknown
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