Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Every Little Girl (and Big Girl) Needs a Pandora Charm Bracelet

Having a Pandora bracelet of my own, I was delighted when my girls received their own bracelets from their Nonna & Nonno as a gift from a recent holiday. The bracelets are tiny for little wrists and both have the new clown charm to start them off. Personally, I think the little baby pram, tea cup and little birdie are cute charms for gorgeous little princesses. As a child I had a charm bracelet - my first charm was a little book worm wearing a university graduation hat with tassel and it was from that moment on, I have had a fascination for charms bracelets. Pandora Jewellery is a modern take on the traditional charm bracelet and in my opinion, much nicer to look at and also more secure to wear - no more catching sharp charms on designer woollen sweaters..
Source: Photos and logo courtesy the Pandora website

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