Sunday, September 21, 2008

Isabelle Grace Jewelry - Personalised Mummy Jewellery

For something a little bit different, unique & special to commemorate the birth of yours or a friend or family member's first precious child, I stumbled upon Isabelle Grace Jewelry from the US. The ideas in their "Mommy Jewelry" collection are like nothing I have seen before. I particularly like the Circle of Love necklace and the Square "Bling" Tag Necklace. Giving something personalised always adds a special touch and it is something that can be passed on to the baby as a keepsake when they grow up.

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claudia said...

Hello Gigi & Lulu:zx
Thank you for the post, that was super nice of you. Please e-mail so that I can give you a code for a special coupon.
Best Regards to you and your girls!
Claudia Montez
Isabelle Grace Jewelry

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