Monday, September 22, 2008

Kate Finn - Delightful Children's Toys

Both Gigi & Lulu have a matching pony and an elephant in each of their bedrooms from the Kate Finn collection of children's toys. I have been known to give them as gifts to several of my friends with children as the craftsmanship and design are so cute and unique. Kate Finn has been selling children's toys for over 32 years and the prints and colours available in the collection are simply delightful. The rag dolls are beautiful too - if you are lucky enough to find one of them that matches your child's name, it is a great gift idea - every little girl would love a doll named after her. Come on Kate, what about a "Gigi" & a "Lulu" please? In all seriousness, the Kate Finn website is well worth a look.

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