Thursday, October 2, 2008

How much is too much sugar?

Take a look at this photo of my little munchkin helping me make Gigi's birthday cake.. white chocolate icing all over her cute little face. I was reading one of my favourite blogs tonight, MamaMia, and I had to laugh reading through Mia's account of a recent cafe trip with her sugar craving, meltdown pending toddler daughter. I laughed because I could relate - just how much is too much sugar? They tell you in the beginning "all you need to give your toddler is milk or water" - try telling that to the child when it has been over to the dark side that is Cottees cordial to spice up the h2O at Nonna & Nonno's house. And the old marshmallow on the side of the babychino trick - gets me every time. I am, however, proud to say that Gigi is 4 and I have never allowed a Coke to cross her lips - but I have buckled recently and let her boring old vanilla occasional milkshake be tinged with pink - strawberry, that is. Bad Mummy. Having said all that, I justify the treats we do give them with the excuse that we make them both clean their teeth twice a day. Good Mummy. We are unfortunately a chocoholic family - there is always a pack of Freddo's in our fridge - and we keep marshmallows and musk sticks in a lolly jar. We do have healthy snacks in the fridge - apple pieces, dried apricots, sultanas etc but they always seem to go for the bad stuff. Lulu is at that age now where she shakes her head at the sultanas I will pull out of the pantry and instead points at the lolly jar as if to say "I'm not silly Mummy". Gigi is partial to what she calls her "Dora" biscuits - she thinks, named for her favourite explorer, but actually a miss-pronounced Adora Cream Wafer. Lulu, well, she will pretty much eat anything you put in front of her. I have also been known to use sweets as bribery (come on, who hasn't?) as there are times where it's all too hard and you end up by giving them something to quell the brewing tantrum. Kids are the master manipulators - they have us pegged on so many levels. As my mum & dad say to me, its all about payback....

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