Thursday, September 4, 2008

Gaia Organic Cotton Gorgeous Ruffle Jacket

I have been a fan of Gaia Organic Cotton products since we were given one of their satin trim blankets as a gift and when I saw this delightful little ruffle jacket, I fell in love - guess what the little chicklets will be getting in their Santa sack this Christmas? The little winter cord pinnie is lovely as well. The philosophy behind the label is the support of an environmentally friendly product, that is, 100% Certified Organic Cotton. It is soft and durable with easy care instructions. It is gentle on the skin and as Lulu suffered from eczema quite badly as an infant, the blanket was one of the few things that did not aggravate her skin condition. The Gaia Organic Cotton website explains in more detail the benefit of choosing organic products.
Source: Photos courtesy of Gaia Organic Cotton website

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