Thursday, July 15, 2010

Inside the Princess Boudoir - beautiful artwork by Casey O'Connell

Inspired by some exceptional artwork I have been introduced to this week, I am creating a new section of my blog. Titled "Inside the Princess Boudoir", I will be featuring all sorts of lovely items for your little princesses' bedroom or nursery.

Now, as for that exceptional artwork I was talking about, every now and then I come across an artist who just blows me away with work that has such beautiful use of colour and, what I call, a picture that talks to me. I am no art expert but I judge art by how it makes me feel to look at and whether or not it tells me a different story each time I look at it. Casey O'Connell's stunning works do just that for me. When Casey contacted me, I immediately went to look at her website and I found myself checking out painting after painting. Each one so brilliantly unique and with such a lovely blend of colours. I was particularly drawn to My Sugar, especially as a nursery gift for a baby girl, as well as All In, both from Casey's current collection. I strongly urge you to browse through her website - I am sure you will enjoy and appreciate her wonderful talent as much as I did. Thank you Casey for introducing me to what you call your "autobiographical dialogues" - keep up the great work! x x x

Funky Little Feet - A Week in Beautiful Shoes

While surfing around the web looking for more gorgeous items for Gigi & Lulu (more specifically, a little present for each of them from their new baby brother or sister), I have encountered some of the most beautiful little summer shoes for little princesses. It is winter here in the southern hemisphere so we are rarely out of our ugg boots or sneakers but if I close my eyes and imagine we are on the beach in Hawaii or on the sand in Santorini, here are three little pairs of sandals that would go with Gigi & Lulu's summer sarongs:
  1. pediped Phoebe Gold Flex - or ANYTHING pediped - stunning shoes for little princesses (click on the link in my sidebar to check out their whole catalogue)
  2. see kai run Ashley Maija style
  3. Stride Rite NMS Daffodil in Ballerina Pink
Enjoy x x x

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Final Countdown..... 10 Days to go....

It is now officially 10 days to my due date....feeling good, tired but good..
It remains to be seen if I will be continuing to expand my "all things sugar & spice" blog or whether I may need to start a new one for "frogs & snails & puppy dogs tails"...
Why not click on the link in my sidebar, become a Gigi + Lulu Spice Fan and follow me so you will be the first to know...
Watch this space x x x

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Bonpoint Summer Sale !

It's summer sale time at Bonpoint! To see all the great discounts at the beautiful French children's couture house's online fashion boutique click here : )

Friday, July 2, 2010

HOT OFF THE PRESS!: The Last Airbender by Stride Rite Collection

Along with other celebrity mums like Tori Spelling, Katherine Heigl, Isla Fisher & Salma Hayek, I am a big fan of Stride Rite shoes for little girls. Stride Rite have just launched a new collection - The Last Airbender - which was inspired by the movie of the same name, out today, written and directed by M Night Shyamalan, and based on the hugely successful Nickelodeon animated television series. Featuring three sneakers and a really cute mocassin boot, they are based on the three main characters in the movie - Aang & Zuko (boys collection) & Katara (girls sneaker & boot), and the related elements of "earth, wind, fire & air". Some even glow in the dark, which is always a sure fire hit in my house! For more details, go to Stride Rite's website and thanks to Danielle at Duffy & Shanley for the details : )

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Santa, did you send your RSVP?

It's that time of year again - all the big department stores here in Sydney (and I think, Australia wide) are having their big toy sales. I was brave enough today to venture into Big W, at 37 wks pregnant with a 5 and 3 year old in tow, to have a look at what they had and I was impressed. Gigi started school this year and is quite the little party girl. We have lots of parties coming up so I had lots of presents to buy and despite the hussle and bussle, long queues, screaming kids (ironically, not mine this time, surprise, surprise) and Gen Y shop assistants who would grunt at any question, I actually managed to get my shopping done without too much trouble. Hmm, my blood pressure was slightly up at my routine visit this afternoon so maybe I was a little more stressed than I am letting on...
But seriously, if you are in Sydney, Big W & KMart started their toy sales today, Myer started last week and finish up on the 25th July and Target is getting ready for its big sale starting July 22. I better place a call to Santa - in this time of global economic crisis, he will be looking for a bargain wherever he can get it. Wonder if Big W online delivers to the North Pole? : )
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