Thursday, September 11, 2008

BabyCenter - A great resource website for mums & mums-to-be

When I was pregnant with Gigi, someone sent me the link to the US based website, and I am still registered with them for updates on both my girls. You get weekly update emails, for example: "Your 18 month old: Week 4" filled with lots of progress milestones, handy tips & hints and a great community forum to share advice with other mums. I went through a tough time mid pregnancy with Lulu and it was through conversing with other mums-to-be who were going through the same issues as me, that was extremely comforting and reassuring. It is particularly great to get the pregnancy weekly updates as they have pictures of what your growing baby could be looking like at certain times of the pregnancy, roughly how big it is etc and my hubby used to love the little weekly update I would give him, for example "hey, guess what, the little peanut has fingerprints on it's fingers now!" They have a local link in Australia now too. One of the best resource websites I have found - I would definitely refer it to my pregnant friends.

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