Sunday, October 19, 2008

Another gorgeous red dress - Janie & Jack - but what about a hair cut Suri?

My girls just love going out for ice cream with their daddy. So too, does little Suri who was spotted with her superstar daddy Tom Cruise in the East Village NYC on Saturday at Sunday's & Cones. Suri is wearing another pretty Janie & Jack dress from last season. We found a similar one we like from their current Uptown Holiday Collection. I am all for quality time with daddy but Tom, maybe take Suri for a fringe cut (or for our US readers, a trim to her bangs)? Too pretty a little face to hide behind : )


Sharon - Pixie Bows said...

Fringe and Bangs, I had to laugh, I am always getting them mixed up having grown up in South Africa but living in America! Yes, She desperatly needs a hair cut or one of our cute clips to hold it back ;)

gigiandlulu said...

..and your clips are very cute sharon - my little gigi thinks so too : )

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