Thursday, October 30, 2008

CanTeen - National Bandanna Day - October 31

CanTeen is the Australian national support organization for young people, 12-24 years of age, who are living with cancer. It is a wonderful charity giving so much encouragement and support to young people who are already dealing with the pressures of just being a teenager, let alone the diagnosis of cancer, both personally or that of a close family member. Today is National Bandanna Day - a day where you can show your support for this fantastic organization by purchasing a signature bandanna. Click here to see where you can purchase a CanTeen bandanna - which can be worn any way you like - see the picture above for some alternative ways to wear a bandanna. There is a beautiful section on the CanTeen website called Inspirational Stuff where you will find some moving poems written by some of CanTeen's young people (click through to the Creative Corner section). Please buy yourself a bandanna today to support this inspirational charity

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