Saturday, October 4, 2008

Zoe & Sprout - Cute, Organic Babywear

I am a sucker for logo tees or onesies - Lulu had one that said "Nobody puts Baby in a Corner", which the Dirty Dancing fans out there will appreciate, and Gigi had a shirt that said "If you think I'm yummy, you should see my mummy". It was Aunty Lala who started it all - she got Gigi a baby beach top that read "one day I want to be a beach babe like my aunty" - corny, but cute. Having said that, I always appreciate a product that is all about protecting our environment and/or our kids skin, as well as a company who gives back. When I came across this cute logo onesie from the US - from funky kids label Zoe & Sprout - I had a look at their website and it is full of gorgeous kids & baby clothing. This particular onesie is part of their organics range, which is all about protecting the environment and in their words, their commitment to "limiting the size of the footprint we leave on the Earth". Not only that, Zoe & Sprout donate 3% of their annual profits to charity every year. I admire a company who thinks towards the future for our children, so I recommend you check out their website - I am a new fan!

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