Friday, October 10, 2008

Parenting Australia Expo, Homebush

I have just come back from the Parenting Expo at Homebush and though I gushed about it in an earlier post, I am sorry to say I was a little disappointed. It was alot smaller and quieter then the last expo and to be honest, alot of the exhibits were more tailored to new parents. From an advertising point of view, they could have done with more advertising out the front of the pavilion to increase traffic into their event - there were alot of families around for the school holiday activities and the park was full just at the end of the boulevard, plus a bead & jewellery expo was running just down the way so it is a shame they didn't take advantage of that. Sorry, but having a background in marketing, I just can't help myself. I did however come across a new online boutique called Metro Mum, which has lots of unique products in their online store. They also have a rewards points system if you join their club - well worth a look. Having said all that, I am still a fan of Parenting Australia - click here to visit their website.

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megha said...

well it was really fun.


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