Thursday, October 9, 2008

The answer to my question..will we see Suri in Crocs?

OK, so Suri Cruise was the first toddler to have her own Armani private collection of baby garments but now it appears she can add Roger Vivier shoes to it as well. Stepping out, no pun intended, with mum Katie Holmes in New York this week, you can clearly see the "RV" heel etching, the red patent ballerina flats with buckle an exact replica of a pair of the iconic Pilgrim pumps her mummy has in her own shoe collection. And I must also make mention of mummy's Vivier sunglasses and handbag in the photograph as well - to die for! It helps to have friends in the industry - Bruno Frisoni, the creative director of Roger Vivier is apparently a pal of Tom & Katie - however the luxury label says there are no plans for a children's spin off in the future - unfortunately for us, this pair is a one-off. Lucky for little Suri, to have such gorgeous shoes. I showed Gigi the photo and though she agreed that they are pretty shoes, she told me she loves her purple ballerina flats much better. As for Lulu, well we all know which shoes she would prefer...yeah, the pair that rhymes with "socks", that we will probably never see Suri in.....ever..

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