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Disney Princess Birthday Party - Part 2 - Cute Costumes & Theme Ideas

Party Planning Tip #2 - Cute Costumes & Theme Ideas

So the invitations have gone out and now it is time to get organised! When I have a theme party, I expect all the guests to dress up - after all, the kids love to see Mummy & Daddy looking silly. We are also the party family in that we always dress up for a theme party - even if the other guests do not. You may remember the rock star party costume idea featuring Lulu from a while back - that was an example where my hubby and I dressed up - he, like Alice Cooper & me like an 80's Bon Jovi groupie - only to find when we arrived that mainly the kids were dressed up, and only a couple of the adults. Not to worry, we still had a great time, as we always do. But getting back to the Disney Princess theme - for the adult costumes I found some beautiful Belle & Snow White costumes from Costume City, a US based online store. I did pay extra for express shipping as I am in Sydney, Australia but I was happy to say they arrived well before the party date, in record time. Having said that, you can save some $$$ by ordering with more time up your sleeve - express shipping is pretty pricey. As you can see from the photo the costumes are authentic and look great. As for Gigi's mermaid ball gown, I found this on ebay for around $30 AUD - a bargain for a brand-new-with-tags child's costume. The tiara was a last minute addition - she got this on the day from her other Nonna and it matched perfectly. Same for the cute Tinkerbell outfit for Lulu - around the same price, including the wings and a matching fairy wand, on ebay. Costume City do have children's costumes but the price on ebay was much better. Kiki's traditional Ariel costume was from Kmart, where you can get lots of the Disney Princess signature costumes.
All the children dressed up for the occasion too - we had a handsome prince, a dashing king and a beautiful baby ballerina, amongst others...
Also, we had a brother & sister Lord & Lady of the Manor, an Aladdin prince, Woody from Toy Story & even Peter Pan made an appearance. It was lovely to see all the kids dressed up and they had a wonderful time.
Daddy is a bit camera shy but I wanted to show you how we improvised with his Eric costume (Ariel, the Little Mermaid's prince). Gigi insisted that Daddy be her prince so we Googled Eric images to see what he wore. We liked the casual Eric outfit the best, as opposed to the wedding/formal Eric but it was going to cost too much to buy and/or hire an outfit. You are going to laugh but all I did was buy a yellow duster mop head, cut it in half and voila - the shoulder pads fit for a prince! With a bit of double sided taped onto a plain white shirt, I also used some yellow fluorescent safety tape, a black texta and there we go. Added to a pair of my black jodhpurs, a red sash and calf high motorcycle boots, there we have it - Prince Eric on a budget!

As far as theming goes, I made a poster for the front door, with pictures of all the Disney princesses on it, and lettering that read "Welcome to Your Surname Castle, Princes and Princesses most welcome". Inside, all guests were greeted formally and when everyone had arrived, I announced all the children individually as you would be announced at a royal function, to applause and with a photograph. We had a jumping castle ready but on the day decided we wouldn't need it with all the other activities going on (of which I will be going into detail in Part 4 of my series). At our local party goods store I came across some great re-usable Disney Princess stickers which we plastered all around the house - on windows, walls, anywhere that the kids were going to be playing. They are still up on our toy room walls as we speak and Gigi loves to move them around. I also purchased the Disney Princess party favours pack - party plates, serviettes/napkins, cups & straws (which to be honest, I didn't really need because the kids had poppa drinks anyway), party blowers, party hats and loot bags. I also ordered the Disney Princess Castle cake kit off ebay (more on that in Part 3). For all our parties we hire a helium tank and have lots and lots of balloons - the kids love them and the signature Disney Princess Happy Birthday Banner completed the room. Tomorrow in Part 3 of my series I will discuss party food, drinks, loot bag tips and the all important birthday cake
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