Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Rock Star Party - Costume Idea with Attitude - Pink!

I couldn't resist sharing this photo of Lulu - if you are looking for an idea for dressing up your toddler for a rock star party, I have a great one for you that is fairly cheap & easy and extremely cute. The look on the face on the other hand is priceless - such attitude! To re-create Pink's look, we used pink hair spray from Toys R Us, the jeans are Pumpkin Patch with a vintage Billabong curb chain with belt loop clip borrowed from mum, the little cropped jacket is from Cotton On Kids and the dog tags are from Diva along with the "Jeans 4 Genes" day fundraising dog tags.
PS: Jeans 4 Genes is a major fundraiser of the Children's Medical Research Institute - a great cause worth investing some spare change in - go to http://www.jeansforgenes.org.au/

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david santos said...

Really beautiful!!!

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