Thursday, November 6, 2008

Cheeky Suri in Splendid Cashmere Dress

Katie Holmes and cheeky daughter Suri, pulling faces for the waiting paparazzi, out and about in New York in a lovely Splendid Cashmere Henley Dress, from online boutique MilkShop. My sister thinks I am obsessed with Suri Cruise because I am always blogging about her. The reality is that even though Tom Cruise may be criticised for OTT PDA's **, like couch jumping and red carpet pashing, or for his religious beliefs, and Katie is always being picked on for something or other in the media, one thing is for certain - Mr & Mrs Cruise always dress their little girl like, well, like a little girl...I think this is lovely although some people say she is being dressed up as a show pony for her famous parents. Little girls are only little girls for so long so why not dress them up - before long, they won't want to have a bar of what you would like them to wear. So many celebrities try to dress their kids too way out there - or not at all in some cases - and it is lovely to see a little girl in a a simple, pretty dress. I get so many comments in shopping centres or on the street about how nice it is to see my little girls all dressed up. The reason I started this blog was because of my quest to find beautiful clothes and accessories for Gigi & Lulu. I love dressing them up and they love to look pretty - it is a win-win situation. Just ask my Gigi - we have such a hard time trying to get her in a pair of pants and she loves frocking up, even if it is just to go out and check the mail. As for my tomboy in the making, Lulu, well, that may be another story in six months time...
** OTT PDA - short for "over the top, public displays of affection" for those not familiar with the jargon : )

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