Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Disney Princess Birthday Party - Part 5 - Thank You Cards

Party Planning Tip #5 - Thoughtful Thank You Cards

One thing about the aftermath of having a party that is important to me is to make sure I say thank you to our guests, not only for their gifts, but for coming along and celebrating with us. I also enjoy creating thank you cards that include photos to remind everyone of the fun they had. This year it was even more special because Gigi was at the age where she understood why we were sending the cards, and she loved the photos with her friends and family. As you have seen from my invitations, I enjoy writing little poems and I continued this theme with my thank you cards. I want to again stress that I don't fancy myself as a budding Shakespeare, however I just enjoy the fun & silliness of coming up with a unique thank you card. My friends will tell you, I have always been the creative type and having children has been the best way for me to explore this long suppressed part of my personality - lucky for you ha ha! So getting back to the thank you card - I included a cute photo of Gigi with her cake then each invitation was personalized with another photo, this time of the child recipient of the card. The verse I wrote is as follows:


On Sept 28, at the fair castle of White*

Princess Gigi summonsed her family and friends

For a very special night

Twas to celebrate her birthday, the princess turned four

What a beautiful day, she couldn’t have asked for more

All the tiny subjects of the kingdom,

feasted on fairy bread and cake

Fairy wands and beaded bracelets they certainly did make

All came dressed in their royal finery,

bearing gifts and gigantic smiles

Definitely the hottest ticket in town,

In our kingdom and surrounding miles!

The princess wishes to thank one and all for their part,

for their gift and good wishes, from the bottom of her heart

* name can be changed to reflect your own surname and line 3 of verse revised accordingly to rhyme with your name

Overall, the party was a brilliant success from the moment the invitations went out until the last thank you card went out in the mail. Hopefully you now have some new ideas for your little princesses' birthday party, and in tomorrow's post I will be doing a quick summary & checklist, along with tips & suggestions, so you too can plan a fantastic little girl's party that your little princess will never forget.

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