Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Disney Princess Birthday Party - Part 1 - Eye Catching Invitations

Party Planning Tip #1 - Creating an Eye Catching Invitation

I love to surf the web for ideas for my party invitations, while at the same time I play around with my own creativity to come up with original little poems & verses, layouts and colour schemes. This year for Gigi's 4th birthday, I combined a little of everything. The idea was to create an invitation of royal proportions. I had some Disney princess colour A4 sheets which I used as one side of the invitation then printed the verse on yellow A4 paper, which I cropped then pasted on the other side, leaving a 5mm white border. I folded the invitation into 3 to send in a regular envelope with the verse folded to the inside and the princesses facing out. I tried to go with verse that sounded regal, all the while personalising it to each child/family. The complete verse, which I printed using Lucinda Calligraphy font, reads as follows:

“Once upon a time…..

A little princess wished for the

most enchanting 4th birthday party……”

Princess Annemarie & Prince Thomas of Black

You are cordially invited to attend the

Fourth Birthday Celebration of

Princess Gigi

Festivities to be held at

White Castle

in the Kingdom of Sydney

This celebration will commence on

September 28, 2008 at 12pm

King Daddy respectfully requests that

all attendees of this Royal Event,

dress in appropriate attire ** or else

off to the “Tower” they will be sent!

Princess Gigi & Princess Lulu

Look forward to seeing you at the ball,

An event we hope will definitely be

a delightful time for all!

RSVP: Queen Mummy

** Admittance to the castle will be granted to any of the

Disney Characters, especially the Disney Prince & Princesses

All the invited children were addressed as either Prince or Princess of their own Kingdom (ie their surname). The party location also personalizes the event to incorporate the host's surname & suburb eg Your Surname Castle, in the Kingdom of Your Suburb. The following King Daddy & Princess verses (just after the event date) came from my own imagination and though I am no Lord Tennyson, I am happy with the result, as it stays with the theme of the party. Tomorrow in Part 2 of the series, I will be discussing costumes & theming your Disney Princess Party
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