Monday, November 3, 2008

Gigi & Lulu - Halloween Party Ideas 2008

Happy Halloween 2008! I have had many people ask me when I will be posting my Disney Party Princess ideas - I know, I know, I have been a bit slack but with so many photos to go through, it is a big job. Watch this space though, they are coming soon... Having said that, I have some great Halloween Party ideas for you after we had a lovely day on Friday with our little mother's group. With just 3 simple ideas, we joined in the Halloween spirit. The first 2 were party food ideas and then we did a little craft project. First up - Red Back Spider Bikkies. Very simple to make, I found this recipe on one of my fave websites - Kidspot - and all you need is some bikkies, some Smarties, Cadbury Rolls & some strap licorice. Admittedly, the kids left the licorice behind and picked off the Smarties and chocolates but they still looked good. A little tip - instead of sticking the legs on individually, keep the inch wide piece of strap in tact and cut the four pieces to almost the end, so that they all stay in one piece and fan them out to make 2 sets of 4 legs on either side of the sweets. Much less fiddly than trying to stick them all on one at a time. Next up, Dracula Fangs made from watermelons and coconut, again from Kidspot. Another tip - don't let the off-cuts of the watermelon go to waste - the tiny triangular pieces you cut out for the teeth can be served separately in a bowl on the side - great for a hot day like it was on Friday. JJ & Coco enjoyed their watermelon fangs as you can see above!
Finally, the kids had fun making their very own origami bat to take home as a memento from the party - very easy to make and great for hand-eye coordination:Gigi was really looking forward to meeting some trick or treaters this year (we decided to wait until next year to take her around the neighbourhood) and we had a jack-o-lantern hanging by our front door to welcome any to our house but this year was a slow year, with just one kid popping by. He was in luck though because Daddy gave him a big handful of lollies because we had plenty ready to go! Here are a couple more pictures from our Halloween preparations and clowning around:
UPDATE: Congratulations to Coco - less than 24 hours after our party, her mummy gave birth to a new baby brother. Maybe it was our Dracula Fangs & Red Back Spider Bikkies that got the ball

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