Tuesday, November 11, 2008

My love for a beautiful red dress is shared by the new First-Lady Elect..

Those of you who have followed my blog from the start will know of my love for little red dresses. As soon as I saw the lovely red dress worn by US President Elect Barack Obama's daughter Malia, I wanted to know where I could get it - she looked absolutely gorgeous and, more importantly, appropriately dressed for a 10 year old girl. It is clear that her mother Michelle, the self confessed new "Mother in Chief" of the White House, is conscious of the extra attention that her daughters will now be receiving and at the same time, I believe, is of the traditional view that little girls should be little girls and dresses her children accordingly. Gigi at 4 is already determined and we argue daily about what she will wear but I, like Michelle Obama, only have options that are tasteful for a little girl and I look forward to seeing the outfits that little Malia & Sasha will be wearing throughout the next presidential term. As for Malia's red dress - it is selling out fast in the US. It is from children's label, Biscotti, called the Precious Jewels Christmas Party Dress with Bubble Hem and is still available in some online boutiques, including one of my favourites, The Best Dressed Child.
You might notice the dress looks a little different to the catalogue shot - Michelle Obama changed the belt and apparently made matching cardis for her daughters like her own - delightful!

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