Thursday, December 11, 2008

Gigi & Lulu Santa Photo 2008 - Who's Afraid of the Big Man in the Red Suit?

What you can see above is a photo of two cute little princesses called Gigi & Lulu, smiling with Santa for their 2008 Santa photo. Albeit, Santa is a bit distracted but in the end, we got the shot. What you don't see is how many takes it took to get to this one. Nor can you see my hand supporting Lulu which the photographer masterfully cropped out for us. Nor can you see Nonno standing behind the lens pretending to knock himself out with a toy hammer to raise a smile for what was basically a little girl frightened of a largish, strange man with an all-consuming white beard, no mouth and a funny red hat. Lulu was hysterical when we first set her down on Santa's knee. We ended up by relocating her to his "one horse open" ottoman but she didn't want a bar of that either. After Nonno's slapstick Laurel & Hardy show with the very patient photographer's assistant, we eventually got Lulu to crack a fly-catching open mouth smile. Gigi was a good girl throughout - she wasn't silly - there was a candy cane in it for her at the end of the session plus she has lots to tell Santa this year in the form of her wish list. Note to self - next year tell her to limit it to a few things and not the entire Toys R Us catalogue...

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