Sunday, December 7, 2008

Can you spot the difference between these two photographs?

I want to start by saying I like Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban and was very happy for Nicole when she fell pregnant after so many years of trying. I am also not in the business of bagging any celebrity, regardless how I feel about them. I did however feel Nicole may have had a little bit of error in her judgement a few days ago in Spain when she hopped into her hire car with baby Sunday Rose, unrestrained and looking a bit too pap-friendly ie the photo looks a bit staged to me. It also appears that it was raining and while I understand the lack of baby restraints in some countries, there are ways of improvising. In the US last year, we had a hire car take us around a few days and we also encountered the lack of strict child restraint laws which we rightfully (and sensibly) are used to here in Australia. Aware of this before we left, I packed my Baby Bjorn for such car trips, feeling that I was keeping Lulu, then only 9 months old, alot safer, by being attached to me. I put the seat belt on as normal, but underneath the baby so as not to crush her &/or hurt her in the event of impact. Gigi was seated behind the driver's seat and though she wore the normal seat belt, I also had my arm around her and placed my hand underneath the belt just beneath her shoulder and maintained the tension like when you have the foot on the brake, so as to also protect her from any damage from impact, which I had read can be damaging to little children's internal organs. It is a frightening thing to worry about but as I have said, you can take precautions to minimise the risk. Maybe Nicole should pack her baby carrier for her next trip - what do you guys think?
PS: Gigi doesn't have the seat belt on in the photo because we had just arrived back at our hotel and we wanted a photo as they were both asleep - just in case you were thinking I was being a hypocrite ; )

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