Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Brooke Shields' daughters Rowan & Grier - a gorgeous photo

For those of you that haven't picked up on it yet, I just love being mum to two little princesses and one of the things that puts a smile on my face is moments like this: The picture above is of actress Brooke Shields' two little girls - Rowan, 5 and Grier, 2 in a photo shoot for Cookie Magazine in the US. It is a delightful moment captured between two sisters and the gentle way that Rowan touches Grier's chin makes your heart melt. I have caught Gigi on many occasions caressing Lulu's cheek when she is upset or another time she was sitting down and teaching her how to count - priceless moments that you cherish forever. Enough of the soppy stuff - there is another reason I posted this picture - the dresses! Rowan is wearing a gorgeous red Bonnie Young dress in crinkle chiffon from her Fall08 collection and Grier wears a Phillip Lim capelet dress with rhinestone detailing
Source: Baby Chic 101, Dec 01, 2008

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