Sunday, February 15, 2009

Kaiya Eve Pettiskirts - add to my Gigi & Lulu favourites!

I have posted before about Gigi's love of dancing & tutus and when I came across the Kaiya Eve Pettiskirt in Baby Pink or Rainbow and matching Kaiya Eve Ruffle Fluff Top in Baby Pink I had to tell you all about it. Although the top reminds me of a dress my Nonna made for her toilet roll dolly, it is gorgeous none the less. The pettiskirts are so full and fun that I can't help but think if I bought two of these, I would never get them off Gigi & Lulu. If you are stuck for a birthday gift, a pettiskirt is a great idea for a present for any little girl. After all who doesn't like dressing up and looking like a fairy princess..

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