Monday, February 23, 2009

Congratulations to one of our favourite little celebrity princesses - Matilda Rose Ledger - on the Academy Award win to her late father, Heath Ledger

Congratulations to Heath Ledger for his Oscar for Best Supporting Actor in the Dark Knight

We are delighted for one of our favourite celebrity princesses - Matilda Rose Ledger - who will receive her father's award on her 18th birthday, held in trust for her by her mother, actress Michelle Williams

Heath's parents and sister made a heartfelt acceptance speech on his behalf and we are sure that Heath is looking down on his loved ones with pride

As a mother, it is heart breaking to think that little girl will grow up without her father, especially one that had so much of life left to experience, but having said that, Matilda always appears to be a happy little girl and we will continue to follow her life and baby style as she grows into a beautiful young woman

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