Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Vivienne Marcheline Jolie-Pitt looking snug in her Baby Bjorn with mummy, Angelina Jolie

Here she is! Half of the power Jolie-Pitt twins, and every bit the Shiloh look-a-like, gorgeous little Vivienne Marcheline, snuggled up to mummy, actress Angelina Jolie coming through the airport in Japan yesterday. The preferred carrier of the celebrity couple is the Baby Bjorn Baby Carrier Original Spirit. Ange has the Black Diamond colourway, Brad has the Chocolate Brown. How cute is little Knox Leon in a hat matching his handsome daddy?

So excited to finally see the little cherubs - we haven't seen them since they were born in July. And how fast are the other kids growing up? Look how long Shiloh's hair is. We can't wait to see alot more of the Brangelina kids..

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Bryan said...

How lovely they are! I really love reading articles and posts about them. They are really royalty!

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