Sunday, January 25, 2009

Disney's High School Musical - Live on Stage!

Today I took Gigi to the final performance of High School Musical - Live on Stage at the Capitol Theatre in Sydney. When I was in the US earlier this month, Gigi subjected my sister to watching High School Musical (the movie version) over 30+ times so I knew she would love the show but admittedly, I have never seen it myself. Not wanting to venture out of my air conditioning in the 43 degree Celsius heat yesterday, I sat through High School Musical Part 1 & 2 with Gigi and Lulu and I was pleasantly surprised - they are fun family movies. In the great tradition of Disney, I was happy that Gigi and Lulu could watch some good wholesome entertainment and hence was looking forward to the live version today. I was not disappointed - it was fantastic. It was the final show in Sydney before they move around Australia so if they come to a city near you, I would definitely recommend you go. For me, it was a 21st century re-vamp of Grease (I know, showing my age) but for Gigi it was just great dancing and singing and we had a lovely afternoon. Go Wildcats!

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