Friday, January 2, 2009

No, you are not seeing things - Suri Cruise is wearing jeans!

Suri in jeans - I must admit, I never thought I would see it. According to daddy Tom Cruise, little Suri often removes any pants she may be dressed in by her mummy and replaces them with a skirt or dress of her choosing - something that Gigi does to me everyday! Seen out in NYC the week before Christmas with mummy Katie Holmes, I love the little red snowflake sweater too - it is very similar to the Ralph Lauren Babydoll Snowflake Sweater. Very festive and you know how much we love red..


Lilac Kitten said...


Just when I thought that cutie won't be seen in anything but dresses for a good few years.

So adorable. She looks more and more like Katie every day, don't you think?

gigi+lulu said...

I agree - having 2 toddler daughters, I know what Katie deals with every morning - times two! Jeans are a rare occurrence in my house too. I do think Suri is more like Katie but in some fleeting glances, I can really see her daddy in her as well. She is a nice mix of the two.

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