Thursday, August 28, 2008

Trunki - Travelling with Kids made fun

Even been on an aeroplane with a toddler on a long haul flight? Sydney to LA then New York is about as far as it gets. You wonder what to take to keep them occupied on the plane, what and how many snacks and fave toys will do the trick, and then wonder how you are going to carry it all, plus the nappy bag, your carry-on bag, not to mention another infant and then eventually the toddler themself as they decide they don't want to walk any further just as you receive a last call to board the flight that is miles away in an adjoining terminal. Phew, it is exhausting thinking about it and enough to turn you off the experience. Enter Trunki. The perfect carry-on bag for children that is big enough to hold said toys & snacks not to mention the best feature - the fact it turns into a little pull along cart that the toddler can sit on and be pulled along when they get tired. From first hand experience, as you can see in the picture, little Gigi had a ball being pulled along on her Trunki and the fact that is was pink, her favourite colour, was even better. Check out the website for Trunki as they are launching a cute new unisex moo cow pattern that is just adorable. Gigi is also carrying a 2-in-1 Harness Buddy Poodle, available from, which was very handy at Disneyland as it doubles as a back pack to hold a few little things (toddler sunnies and a toy mobile phone in our case) as well as allowing mum or dad to keep a firm hold on their little one when they try to take off.
Photos courtesy of Trunki website - Magmatic Ltd

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