Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Matilda Ledger in her Crocs - Hot or not?

In the past I have questioned whether Crocs shoes are good for little girls' (or, for that matter, boys') feet and have up until recently avoided purchasing them for my two little munchkins. It wasn't until they each received a pair from my parents' recent trip to far north Queensland that I reconsidered my opinion on them. After all, celeb kids like Matilda Ledger & Violet Affleck are fans so they must be ok, right? They are actually quite practical for busy little people - easy to get on and off and they clean up with a damp cloth. I am glad they introduced the Mary Jane style though - the original style do make your little one look like they belong under a big top - although some may argue that this is part of their appeal. What do you think?
Matilda is wearing Crocs Mary Janes in Ruby Red

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