Saturday, January 15, 2011

More Sugar & Spice! Its a GIRL! I have a princess trifecta!

Introducing Mimi! Born on 22 July, 2010! I have my little princess trifecta - Gigi + Lulu + Mimi

Without going into too much detail, I ended up having to have a caesarian (after two natural births) and boy oh boy, was that a shock to the system! A whole new world of firsts for this third time mum! Had a few feeding issues to start (no one told me that milk flow is a bit slower with caesarian births) and of course I wasn't up and at 'em as fast as I was the other two. Coupled with a hubby who was banned from the nursery for 2 days as he had a stomach virus, a concerned & emotional 5 year old and a robust 3 year old it was a hard ol' slog in hospital this time around. Once I was home, I felt much better - nothing like your own environment to relax and bond with baby.

Mimi is settling well - a very happy baby - but a night owl like mum - and yet to sleep through. She started off taking an occasional bottle (I am breastfeeding) however one day decided it wasn't for her. With solids starting, I am hoping a full belly will help with the waking in the night issue and I am going straight to a cup, having tried numerous teets, different bottles and trying & changing brands of formula when she didn't want expressed breast milk out of a bottle. This proved challenging for hubby when I had a night out in November - he ended up using the syringe you get for administering Infant Panadol to feed her 100mls, 2mls at a time! Besides this one night, Mimi & I have basically been inseparable and I think she is a real mummy's girl and just wants me and my booby juice ha ha. I am not complaining, in fact just quietly, I am savouring this baby time as I know she is my last.

My apologies for keeping you all in suspense for so long - three kids is definitely a handful, but I am loving it and though my blogs have been a little neglected, my new years resolution is to try and get back into the swing of things so thanks again for your patience - I have lots of baby fashions & accessories to catch up on and especially with my third little girl, I am searching more and more for all those beautiful things "sugar & spice" x

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Natalia & Amanda said...

Omg!!!!...she is so sweet and GORGEOUS!!!!.....CONGRATULATION!!!!....and welcome back.......=)

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