Thursday, July 15, 2010

Inside the Princess Boudoir - beautiful artwork by Casey O'Connell

Inspired by some exceptional artwork I have been introduced to this week, I am creating a new section of my blog. Titled "Inside the Princess Boudoir", I will be featuring all sorts of lovely items for your little princesses' bedroom or nursery.

Now, as for that exceptional artwork I was talking about, every now and then I come across an artist who just blows me away with work that has such beautiful use of colour and, what I call, a picture that talks to me. I am no art expert but I judge art by how it makes me feel to look at and whether or not it tells me a different story each time I look at it. Casey O'Connell's stunning works do just that for me. When Casey contacted me, I immediately went to look at her website and I found myself checking out painting after painting. Each one so brilliantly unique and with such a lovely blend of colours. I was particularly drawn to My Sugar, especially as a nursery gift for a baby girl, as well as All In, both from Casey's current collection. I strongly urge you to browse through her website - I am sure you will enjoy and appreciate her wonderful talent as much as I did. Thank you Casey for introducing me to what you call your "autobiographical dialogues" - keep up the great work! x x x


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