Saturday, January 15, 2011

Head Over Heels Appeal - For the children and families of flood affected Queensland

Inspired by a story on the Today Show this morning of a family of six children whose new school shoes were lost in the floods in Queensland, the Head over Heels Appeal was born. Most families get their children new school shoes at the start of the school year and I sent out an appeal for my group of school mums to see if they had their children's old school shoes available to be donated to this family and also to others in this particular town that was in the Today Show story. I went on to include school supplies in my appeal so that the kids would have new supplies to start the year. I also emailed our school principal, the Today Show, rang in some favours from some local newspaper contacts and sent out a few tweets to the lovely reporter who broke the story and what started as a little appeal for shoes has grown to include clothing, toys, manchester and first aid equipment, all of which my friends and their friends have so far offered up for donation. My husband and his mate had planned on taking an overnight road trip in his ute and trailer direct to this town so that the goods went straight to the family mentioned in the story and I am now looking at some bus options as the response has been overwhelming.
I am blown away by the generosity of my friends and their friends and I hope that we can now get alot more things to take to put smiles on the faces of these families again. The plan is to wait until the first week of February to head up north, as we would like to allow time for more donations to come in and also to give the families some space to clean up first, as this is their number one priority. If you live in Sydney, Australia, and would like to donate some old school shoes or school supplies, please email me for details : )
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