Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Easter Bonnet Time!

It's that time of year - Easter parade at school and time to construct that flamboyant monstrosity that we know as an Easter bonnet. I have fond memories of my mother & nonna creating wacky and way out creations for my school parade and had wondered how I would ever measure up when the time came for the baton to be passed to me and the responsibility now on my shoulders to come up with a work of art worthy of comparison. Luckily for me, Gigi's school likes to encourage the children's creativity and hence we only need to provide the materials and they are involved in the construction of their own hats. Phew, big sigh of relief. For those of you that have been lumbered with the task of DIY Easter bonnets, I have found some really cute websites and blogs to help you with some ideas. Whether you prefer layers of tulle and silk flowers, paper mache eggs and tiny yellow fluffy chickens, or more simply a paper plate tied with ribbon and decorated with pipe cleaners, left over Christmas tinsel and crepe paper, there is something for everyone at a cute little blog called Easter Bonnets on Parade. Other sites you way want to check out include Easter Craft, Decorative Packaging Blog and I also found a more modern take on an Easter bonnet on Boo5's blog - an Easter Fascinator. You could even put it away and bring it out again on Melbourne Cup Day! Happy hat making xox

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