Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Yummy Mummy - Camila Alves in Yumi Kim

Sick of the boring tent dresses that you see in maternity boutiques? Yes, you know the ones - those that could house a three ring circus underneath in colours so blah, you would blend in on a rainy day? My policy was simple when I was heavily pregnant during the warmer months - NO TENT DRESSES! Instead, I was a big fan of the babydoll dress, as well as strapless, elasticized dresses that grew with my tummy. In particular I had a hot pink Charlie Brown strapless dress that I practically lived in. While browsing around the web this week, I came across this photo of Matthew McConaughey's partner and baby mumma Camila Alves - what an absolutely stunning dress! It's from NYC designer Yumi Kim - the Woori Dress in Watercolour

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