Friday, August 21, 2009

Suri Cruise - putting her best foot forward - a week in shoes

So many pairs of new shoes - lucky gal! Gigi would love to see what else Suri has in her shoe closet right now. Here are a few of the shoes she was seen "stepping out" in this week (from left to right):
  1. Chook Leaf Spanish Stripe Shoe (Navy/White), available online at Ten Little Indians
  2. Walnut Grey Canvas Sandshoe, available online at Design Child
  3. Monsoon Metallic Pink Flower Ballet Flats from Monsoon UK
UPDATE: Thanks Stardust, the pink ballet flats are actually from Seed and not Monsoon as I mentioned previously - Katie Holmes is a fan of Seed, having shopped up a storm in the Australian boutique this week so no doubt we will see Suri wearing some more of their collection during her stay here in Australia. I am a big fan of Seed and Stardust, though I agree they are a very close match for the Monsoon pair, in fashion there are, and will always be designs with similar styles and construction and Seed wouldn't be the first label to be accused of having something similar to another label. Check out my Clone Zone category, you will see what I mean


stardust said...

and how about giving some credit to the person who found all this info, ha? i am stardust from suri-cruise-fashion-blog and i just hate you.

gigi+lulu said...

I am very sorry you feel this way stardust, as I am a fan of your blog and refer to it sometimes for suri news, along with several other blogs around the world. In saying that, I have in the past linked back to your blog with thanks for the reference and I apologize for failing to do that in this post. I am sure you have missed a link in the past as well, I know I have, and this time it was a complete oversight as a result of rushing through a post while attending to my sick little girl at the same time. Anyway, thank you for the leads on the Monsoon shoes however I can't give you credit for the Australian designs as being a local, and with some very good friends in the children's fashion industry here in Australia, I had the info ready to go. I was actually saving them for a weekly shoe feature that I have in the works however with so many for Suri, I wanted to do her very own post. I wish you all the very best with your blog, thank you for your feedback. Cheers, Martina

Vania said...

hey stardust..
I'm Vania, from Suri Cruise Italia.

I know that Martina used always to credit her sources.
Saying that you hate her because Martine once forgot to do this seems to me too.

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