Thursday, April 8, 2010

Dannii Minogue - Who Magazine's Most Beautiful - capturing the beauty of a first time pregnancy. Just come back & see me when you are up to #3...

Back in the mid-eighties, every Aussie teenage girl wanted to be Dannii Minogue.

With her big 80's teased hair, funky 80's fashions, singing and dancing up a storm on a Saturday night on Young Talent Time - who didn't want to be Dannii? My sister and I would copy the hair and fashion and sing along with the songs. When Dannii got a perm, we got a perm. If Dannii teased her fringe, we teased our fringes. If Dannii wore a braid, we wore a braid. Why, if Dannii jumped off the Harbour Bridge we would probably have given that a go too.

So now in my late thirties I find myself pregnant at the same time as Dannii - pretty much due around the same time. However, as I sit in my jim jams, feeling bloated & exhausted with bags under my eyes, I am a far cry from emulating 2010 Dannii, even if I tried. Voted this week as Who Magazine's Most Beautiful, deservedly so, Dannii is a perfect poster girl for how attractive a pregnant woman can be - even with the help of a stylist, a bit of lippie and a beautiful dress. Regardless, she looks absolutely fantastic. But then, all first time mum's are beautiful - they have that "glow" you always hear about in pregnancy books. Pregnancy is a beautiful thing - and don't get me wrong, take away all the yucky stuff, I love being pregnant - however I would like to see if Dannii feels just as beautiful after a couple of pregnancies. I must admit, the novelty does tend to wear off just a little. Let me elaborate....

Given that it is her first child (oh, and the fact that she is a super hot pop star!), she has the edge over me anyway because she only has herself to consider, and I do recall when I was pregnant with Gigi that I was all about pedicures and manicures and coffee with friends and running my own business - because it was all about me. I can say that unashamedly because it was fun having everyone make a big fuss over you. I bought all the pretty over sized clothes and dresses, had my hair done and wore lots of makeup. Hubby and I even went on one of those so called babymoons - a weekend away just for the parents-to-be, lots of pampering and massages and good food and quality couple time. Enjoy it while you can, I say, because the second time around, people are less fussed because they figure you have been there, done that, plus you have a cute little toddler to chase around after and it is all about them now. I had sold my business and was alot more casual in my approach to pregnancy - still wore the pretty, billowy dresses and wore a little bit of makeup but did less of the mummy pampering - had the odd pedicure and wore my hair in a ponytail 80% of the time because a trip to the hairdresser with a two year old was all too hard. As for a weekend away, meh, who had the time or the energy or the inclination.

Now I am heading towards the business end of pregnancy number 3 and it's basically just going through the motions this time around. I have a signature pair of loose, stretchy pants, several plain, longline tee shirts in bigger sizes, a range of scarves and a couple of layered cardis and that is pretty much it for me. I am down to a smidge of foundation (mainly to cover and fill wrinkles), but having said that, I always wear blush and lipstick as a rule. Depending on time or if I am in the mood to be bothered, all my other makeup is simply gathering dust in the cupboard. I went for a hair cut the other day and my hairdresser was shocked at how long it was - and funny, I can't remember when I last had a hair cut. You see, this time around we are talking ponytail 99% of the time..

Now don't get me wrong, frock me up, shave my legs, do my hair and makeup and send me to a ball and I would guarantee you I would have a good time and I would have that "pregnancy glow" but for now, I am more than happy to curl up on the lounge with my little chickadees, who love mummy just as she is, and leave the glamour shots to Dannii. But seriously, congratulations Dannii - you have worked hard and I am really happy that you will get to experience motherhood as it is really the best thing in the world and I am sure you will look just as fabulous next time around x

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