Saturday, November 7, 2009

Did you miss us?

As you can see, we have all been busy settling in to our new life on the farm. Gigi & Lulu just love wearing their new gumboots everywhere and can't wait until the arrival of our new dogs in the not too distant future. On top of completing a massive interior renovation of our little homestead, we had Gigi's birthday, moved house, had a week's vacation that had been planned a year ago (ie before we knew it would fall on the same week we were moving house!) and at the same time I have been undergoing some fertility treatments in the hope of conceiving baby #3. PHEW! Stop and breathe! As you can appreciate, I have hardly had time to keep up with my blog so I apologize for the few postings of late. I am almost unpacked now so watch this space - gigi + lulu, all things sugar & spice will be back soon with lots of new fashions, accessories, party ideas and celebrity baby style : )


lena said...

Hi. what a beautiful blog and kids! love the name Lulu. Have a wonderful day! Lena from Norway

gigi+lulu said...

Thank you Lena x Your little girl is beautiful. Thanks for visiting my blog : )

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