Friday, October 16, 2009

Suri HEARTS Australian fashion

I apologise for the minimal posting of late - I am finally back online tonight as we have just moved to our beautiful new farm and I have spent the last week packing and unpacking boxes, cleaning the new house, organising tradesmen and adjusting the girls to their new schedule. It is safe to say we all love it out here - it is so peaceful and pretty. It sounds so cliched but we are awoken every morning by a family of kookaburras - so very Australian! Speaking of all things Australian, I have been catching up on all things Suri from my friend Vania's website Suri Cruise Italia and it appears that Katie & Suri spent alot of time during their stay here in Australia shopping up big with some of our wonderful local children's labels. This week in Boston Suri has been seen in seed (of which the Cruise's are big fans, having several pieces from their collection), Polka (I love all their prints!) & Mini Metalicus (who have a fabulous women's label as well). Please check out Suri Cruise Italia for all the details of Suri's fashions - Vania is always first to find Suri's wardrobe details - and her website is generally just awesome!


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Vania said...

Thanks as ever for your lovely words...

Bryan said...

This cute girl is a fashion icon in her gage! She is so pretty, a good combination of Katie and Tom. She sure knows how to carry her dress perfectly. Nice post!

Yani said...

If they could dress like this at young age how much more when they grow up. That would be a totla blast.

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