Sunday, July 5, 2009

Who loves you pretty baby? Suri goes to see "Jersey Boys" in Melbourne, Australia

Wearing her cute animal print ballet flats by JCrew Crewcuts, which she has worn a few times in recent months, delightful little Suri accompanied mummy & daddy to see the Melbourne production of the Jersey Boys last night. Suri was also wearing another gorgeous little red jewelled dress (watch this space for details). My husband and I are going to see the show later in the year since we didn't get the chance in Las Vegas in January and we can't wait. Maybe when Katie catches up with my blog, she might leave me a review in the comments section : )
PS: That was one lovely big woolie jacket you had on Katie - we know it is very cold in Melbourne this time of year but are you hiding something under there? A little baby bump maybe? We hope so ; )


Anonymous said...

Does anyone know who makes Katie's lovely jacket?

I've tried googling it to death and cannot find out who the designer is :o(

Anonymous said...

the cute pretty baby is so lovely


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Anonymous said...

Oh, so pretty!!!
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