Wednesday, July 8, 2009

My thoughts on a beautiful little princess who has lost her father...

My blog was inspired by my two little girls and the quest to find beautiful and unique fashions, accessories, furnishings, gifts, party ideas etc for little princesses. It evolved into following celebrity baby styles and I love to see what the little girls of our favourite celebrities are wearing and where I can get those fashions.

I rarely go off topic but I wanted to express my sadness at the passing of the wonderful Michael Jackson, in my eyes the greatest performer I have ever been lucky enough to have seen live in concert. I sat up to watch the memorial this morning live (3.30am my time) and found the service moving and respectful, joyous yet sombre and of course, like all the mums I have spoken to today, my heart broke when Michael's beautiful little girl gave her heart breaking few words about her daddy.

Paris Michael Katherine was very courageous to want to speak to a world which up until now had barely seen, let alone heard from her before. My first thought as a mum was "please, don't make her do this" until I realised that she obviously felt that it was important for her to speak out, not only to express her love for her father but to show the world that we not only lost a music icon but a loving family has lost a son, a brother and so tragically a wonderful father of three young children.

I thought all three children were appropriately dressed and the whole family, though grieving for Michael, were all stoic and proud and I loved that all the men had matching ties and the signature glove. It was reported by some media outlets that Janet Jackson had asked family friend Donatella Versace to dress the whole family - the Jackson brothers, Janet, LaToya & Michael's mother Katherine, as well as his children.

Paris showed great strength and though the family now needs to be left alone to grieve, I really hope we see more of Michael's daughter in the future, and not for the wrong reasons ie custody battles or more horribles stories and rumours regarding her father. I heard one friend of Michael's today was quoted as saying at least Michael can now finally be remembered first and foremost for his musical accomplishments and not just as some freak, as we so often heard him referred to by certain media outlets.

As for me, my personal admiration for Michael began the day after I turned 17 and went to my first Michael Jackson concert, his Sydney concert for the BAD tour. I was in the front row, having lined up all day for the privilege and to this day I maintain it was the best concert I have ever been to (and I have been to many). It was only a few weeks ago that I was discussing with my sister that I had hoped Michael would include Australia on his "This is It" Tour and that I would be there no matter what the cost. Sadly, that will never be but I feel privileged to have seen Michael just once and his music has always been, and will continue to be, my dance floor staple and more so now, when I go somewhere and a Michael song comes on, I will be the first one on my feet.

So even though I will never get an encore performance, Michael, you were a true musical genius and we will all miss you. May God bless your children and may you rest in peace x x x
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