Thursday, December 17, 2009

FINALLY - Top 25 Beautiful Red Dresses for Christmas - Part 1

Finally, I have compiled my list of the top 25 beautiful red holiday dresses for your little princess this Christmas. Due to illness, I haven't had a chance to post one a day like last year but here are the first half for you to swoon over:
  1. Little Maven by Tori Spelling Red Plaid Jumper
  2. seed Frill Front Dress in Cherry
  3. Oobi Baby Tennis Skirt with Bloomer
  4. Be my Valentine Dress from
  5. seed Fruit Print Dress in White
  6. Ivory & Red Holiday Dress by Sarah Louise from
  7. Janie & Jack Rose Flocked Silk Dress
  8. seed Petal Trim Dress in Watermelon
  9. Oobi Baby Carmen Dress in Scarlet
  10. Janie & Jack Bow Plaid Jumper in Berry Pink Plaid
  11. Nicole Miller Olivia Party Dress in Red
  12. Monnalisa Kids Red Roses Dress (available online at

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