Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Bratz Disco Party - A Dress Rehearsal - and a very special announcement - Happy Birthday Gigi!

Thanks everyone for the emails - I haven't been as consistent with my posts of late as we are renovating a new house which we hope to be moving into in a few weeks - sooooo excited! But in the meantime, we also managed to throw a farewell to the old house/birthday party for Gigi over the weekend - she wanted a Bratz Disco Party (which ended up being all about Hannah Montana anyway!) and here is a little picture of the girls at their dress rehearsal. Once we are settled into the new place, I will post all the details of the party as it is a popular theme for little wannabe rockstars! Oh, and I will have to catch up and post about Lulu's Tinkerbell party from February - whoops, thanks for reminding me : )
PS: Happy Birthday to my gorgeous 5 year old - love you G x x x x x

UPDATE: If you can't wait for the details of the Bratz Disco Party, I have just left a comment on one of my favourite blogs, MamaMia regarding children's parties with some of the details of what we got up to : )


Vania said...

Happy birthday!!!!!

Sophias Style Boutique said...

Happy Birthday! Princess parties are the best and so easy to plan for - all you need is pink and sparkles!

cherry said...

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