Friday, May 29, 2009

65 Roses Day - Cystic Fibrosis

Today is 65 Roses Day - a day of national awareness for the debilitating condition cystic fibrosis. This cause is close to my heart as I had a friend pass away from this genetic condition 15 years ago. Due to advancements in medical technology, the life expectancy for a person with CF is now in the mid thirties, however my friend made it to her late thirties, which at the time was amazing, along with the fact that she also gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, which was such a wonderful miracle back then as well. The lovely story behind the name "65 Roses" is that of a little boy who had a sister with CF and could not pronounce her condition properly, instead telling people his sister had "65 Roses". For more information on how you can help or make a donation, go to the website:

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