Friday, April 17, 2009

Happy 3rd Birthday little Miss Suri Cruise!

Tomorrow our favourite little fashionista is turning 3! How fast time flies! We have seen Suri jetset around the world on numerous overseas adventures with her superstar parents - Katie Holmes & Tom Cruise - and fell in love with her countless fabulous baby fashions and accessories. According to People Magazine, Suri had an early birthday party yesterday, with a few family and friends present, and it was a Disney Princess theme complete with Belle from Beauty & the Beast cake and treasure hunt.
We are certainly looking forward to Suri's 4th year - can't wait to see what little Suri will be wearing for the rest of 2009/2010
UPDATE: Suri wore a delightful red and white spotted dress for her private party that was unfortunately filmed illegally by papps in a helicopter. Along with my friend Vania at Suri Cruise Italia, I am declining from posting these photos since I believe they are an invasion of privacy, especially since Tom & Katie had to call the police. I will wait patiently in the hope that Tom & Katie might release some photos for all their fans and when that happens, I will be happy to share them

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